Hello Sir,

I am writing because I think you should promote the great advantage your product has over the Excalibur competition – the constant temperatures.

We are very happy with the raw diet, & believe live enzymes greatly improve assimilation. I listened to my friends, and bought the Excalibur Dehydrator. Being very enthusiastic, I also borrowed a round Harvest Maid about ten years old, and made up double batches of everything. As I have a digital min/max thermometer, I was able to check the max & min temperatures of each machine.

The Excalibur temps averaged the set temp of  45*C (114*F) but got up to  54*C. (125*F) (20%!!)At the Excalibur website, where Dr. Cousens piece explains, they allow wide temperature fluctuations. The Harvest Maid -Ezidri (made in “Clean and Green and GE-Free NZ”) kept an even temp, varying by only one degree.

I went an extra step and sprouted a collection of beans and seeds and dehydrated in each machine. Only the Ezidri samples were able to continue sprouting after dehydration, which shows that the enzymes were still alive.!!

I returned the Excalibur I had bought, and will work with the round shape of the Ezidri, happy to keep my enzymes alive.
The sprout test is so easy, I think many should test it!   But why bother with Excalibur that does not protect the enzymes?
Some friends and I are planning to buy a few.  Let me know how soon we can buy some?

Zack Domike Nelson


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